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Stephens-Davidowitz: Everybody Lies 

We lie to people, we don't tell the truth to surveys and in our Facebook or Instagram accounts we might show alternative facts, but for Google Search nobody lies.

Coughter: The Art Of The Pitch 

The most important target in any presentation is that you know what should happen after the presentation. This book will help you to learn and evaluate your art in the form of a presentation. Everything is a presentation and all decisions are trade-offs. Presentation is like a conversation and you are giving a gift to your audience. And someone is evaluating you always.

Gladwell: Outliers 

Outliers are "men and women who do things that are out of the ordinary". And this book is about their success. "Success is the result of what sociologists like to call “accumulative advantage.”"

Phil Knight: Shoe Dog 

Kirjan keskeinen idea on kasvutarina miten kunniallisen isän pojasta tuli kenkäkonkari - shoe dog. Toisekseen Knight jakaa liikkeenjohdolliset näkemyksensä kirjan sivuilla. Kolmanneksi siinä kerrotaan mitä opetuksista, joita hän sai kun johti Nikeä.

Seneca: Elämän lyhyydestä 

Jo Senecan ajoista tiedetty mikä on ihmiselle hyödyllistä ja mikä on haitallista. Miksi vieläkin arvomme "itsestäänselvyyksiä", kun vastaus on jo ollut Senecan nenän edessä vuodesta 4 eKr. Senecan kirjoitukset saavat minut epäilemään, että onko ihmiskunta todellakaan jaksanut keskittyä olennaiseen kun kaikki tieto on vuosituhansia ollut olemassa.

Doerr: Measure What Matters 

John Doerr is presenting two methods. The First is called Objective Key Results (OKRs) method and emphasis on the methods is on OKRs. The second is Conversation, Feedback, Recognition (CFRs) method. Then there is also a huge bonus, demonstrating via cases how these methods work properly. Cases include corporations such as Intel, Google and startups like Remind, Zume Pizza and Nuna.

Tegmark: Life 3.0 

The essence of the book is "exploring the origin and fate of intelligence, goals and meaning." Also Tegmark wants explore how to turn the ideas into action. The book is about "the tale of our own future with AI." This book is also an invitation to join the conversation about AI as Tegmark states "I wrote it in the hope that you, my dear reader, will join this conversation."

Bostrom: Superintelligence 

My analysis of Nick Bostrom's "Superintelligence" will be a lenghty one and more detailed than ever. But there is a good reason for that. The book is very philosophical and in the same time very fundamental on explaining the basics of AI. Bostrom uses a lot of space to analyze the potential threats that the superintelligence concept consists, but I won't bring those topics up more than needed. I'll start the analysis by pointing out three fundamental topics of AI and superintelligence. The topics are - laws of robotics, the value problem and components of AI.

Agrawal, Gans & Goldfard: Prediction Machines 

The reason why AI is happening now is pure economics. This technology is cheap enough for large scale deployments. The components that make AI affordable are getting cheaper and cheaper all the time as we have learned from the Moore's law. Components that make AI possible are for example cloud computing, data analytics capacity, etc.

Ries: The Lean Startup 

The goal of the book is to advocate a scientific and lean approach to the creation of startups and even developing corporations. The Lean Startup methods goal is to "learn how to build a sustainable business as quickly as possible." The need to find out sooner than later what works and what does not work.