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Digital Director

Member of Customer Management Team and Extended Management Team


o Sales and B2B Marketing for Public Sector Clients,

o Service Design,

o -service sales,

o Digital Engagement & Customer Experience.

Key Targets:

- Customer Acquisition

- More traffic for services

Chieft client officer

Member of Leadership Team


o Global Sales activities and especially pan-Nordic Sales,

o Global Marketing,

o People management,

o War Room Activities,

o Social Media,

o Digital Marketing.

Key results:

- Growth customers

- TOP30 customers business

- Pan-Nordic Iniatives

- European Sales Team concept

Director of Communications

Member of Executive Team


o Marketing,

o Internal and external communications,

o Public Relations,

o Public Affairs,

o Digital services,

o Development of digital initiatives .

Digital Director - Sales, Marketing & Development

Member of Leadership Team


o Marketing,

o Public Relations,

o Sales, People management,

o Profit & Loss,

o Development of digital initiatives.

Head of Digital Services


o Business operation,

o Strategy planning and content acquisition,

o Management of digital initiatives,

o Online and mobile channel of

Head of Content Services


o Content services,

o Marketing and sales of content services,

o Development of new services,

o Management of the department,

o Online services and

o Production of services.


"Mikko Mattinen is a top-notch individual. I have had the pleasure of working with Mikko in several different capacities and he has proven to be a great professional. His advice is sound, and his wisdom goes beyond the things written on his resume. I would recommend Mikko for any position where you need someone to lead with confidence and passion and where the success of the position is only limited to the hard work of the leader"

"Mikko is long time veteran of the mobile business and he has seen both the ups and the downs of this industry. After all these years Mikko is still full of energy and passion for the mobile services business. This combination of real experience and real passion for the business is pretty rare nowadays, so if you get a chance to work with Mikko I encourage you to do that. It will be worth your while, few people REALLY know the mobile business. Mikko does."

“Mikko is a man of action with superior execution skills combined with world-leading experience and insight when developing new services for telecom operators and their customers. On top that he is man of connections with stage talent equal to world´s best entertainers.”
“A leading European mobile content expert on the operator side. A rare beast - a corporate guy with all the vim of an entrepeneur. Senior-level management skills and deep knowledge of content from mainstream apps to the wildest fringes. Unlike most operator execs, Mikko hasn't devolved into a jaded drone yet. That might explain why the Finnish media regards Mikko as the face of the industry.”
“Mikko rules”