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Viktor E. Frankl: Man’s Search For Meaning 

Logotherapy is all about how man should have a meaningful life. It's not about analyzing you will or inner drives. It is about future and how the meaning should fulfill the patience. A patient in logotherapy will be "confronted wit and reoriented toward the meaning of his life." In logotherapy the primary motivational force is finding a meaning and the patient is assisted "to find meaning in his life".

Edward de Bono: Six Thinking Hats 

Six Hat Thinking is like gamification of thinking. People are invited to participate in game of thinking. Switching from one mode of thinking into another. This game will be quick.

Dale Carnegie: Miten pääsen turhista huolista 

Carnegie määrittelee kirjansa ”kokoelma tehokkaita ja ajan koettelemia reseptejä, joiden avulla voimme vapauttaa elämämme turhista huolista”. Ja näin se käytännössä on.

David Ogilvy: Ogilvy on Advertising 

Ogilvy’s five questions about ideas. Did it make you gasp? Are you jealous about the idea? Is it unique? Fit with strategy? Will it last for 30 years?

Yuval Noah Harari: Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow 

Harari’s Homo Deus is a must read book. He has collected tons of excellent questions. By creating a personal understanding about AI will have value when making decisions. Eventually AI will be affecting our lives. Why not start hacking your future now?

Eliyahu M. Goldratt: The Goal 

The key learning would be common sense, because typically problems are solved with common sense. Not with great theories nor with IT-systems that have too many dimensions. Consultants can bring insight into the problems by asking the right questions. The Goal endorses that the business owners should find answers with their common sense.

Richard H. Thaler & Cass R. Sunstein: Nudge 

Authors come from the tradition of behavioral economics, but they call themselves as choice architects. What are choice architects? They are people who can design approaches that help people to make choices or decisions easily and with low cost.

Malcom Gladwell: Blink 

Gladwell promised in the beginning of the book that he will tell us that how to use blink. He also promised to tell when to trust and when not to trust blink. And how to educate your blinking. Besides that he used vivid examples of real life cases to highlight blink. Examples such as Warren Harding, New Coke, Pearl Harbor and many more.

Peter Thiel: Zero to One 

Thiel starts with a mysterious question by asking from a startup entrepreneur “what important truth do very few people agree with you on?”. For the investor the question is “what valuable company is nobody building?”. And behind these questions lies his key lesson. Startup solves secrets which are not shared.

Lauri Järvilehto: Tee itsestäsi mestariajattelija 

Aina kun näet mielenkiintoisen kirjan, niin mietit että “onko tämä sen arvoinen?”. Lauri Järvilehdon kirja on sen arvoinen.